Here are some historical statistics about the so called "success" of vaccines!

England introduced a compulsory small pox vaccination law in 1853 and soon many European countries followed suit. When Jenner began his vaccinations there were only a few hundred cases of smallpox IN ALL OF ENGLAND. After 17 years of compulsory vaccination the 1870-1871 epidemic killed 23,000 people! In Germany around 124,000 people died. Most of them had been vaccinated. The Australian government terminated the compulsory inoculations after two children died from the inoculations yet smallpox virtually disappeared as only three cases were observed in 15 years.

Old hospital records from the periods of the epidemics show that 90% of smallpox deaths occurred in those who were vaccinated against the disease. One medical officer wrote that the deaths due to vaccination far outnumbered those who died from smallpox. By 1880 the argument between the pro-vaccination and the anti-vaccination groups was raging throughout Europe and America. The medical establishment reacted by changing the diagnosis of the post vaccination smallpox to pustular eczema and other convenient scapegoats.

The immune system of human beings was unfamiliar with the cowpox virus so that when it was introduced directly into the body many people died from the cowpox. Improvements in the areas of nutrition, public sanitation, and general hygiene caused the incidents of cholera, plague, dysentery, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough to fall naturally. Those who favor vaccination try to claim the immunizations are solely responsible to the decline. In general, in the early years of vaccination small-pox increased. The statistics for smallpox deaths in England only began to decline when the general public started to refuse inoculations because they had seen them cause too much suffering.

Homoeopaths noticed that Thuja prevents the eruption that appears in course of the smallpox vaccine. This led to the use of Thuja as a homoeoprophylaxis for smallpox as well as the treatment for the side effects of the vaccination. It was only logical for the homoeopaths to start to use Thuja against the smallpox and the side effects of the vaccination with cowpox. Although Thuja was originally used for the side effects of smallpox vaccinations, it has been used by some homoeopaths as a routine remedy after other immunizations. Surprisingly, this has proved successful in quite a few cases. Nevertheless, the modern homoeopath faces a much more complicated situation than any one remedy can overcome.

As the knowledge of nosodes increased they began to be use as preventatives. They noted that homoeopathic prophylaxis was extremely successful during the smallpox EPIDEMICS and did not produce the side effects associated with vaccines. Allen wrote:

"As a preventive of, or protection against small-pox, Variolinum 200th is far superior to crude vaccination and absolutely safe from sequelae, especially septic and tubercular infection. The efficacy of the potency is stumbling block to materialists. But it is more difficult to comprehend than the infectious nature of variola, measles and pertussis? Those who have not used it, like those who have not experimentally tested the laws of similars, are not competent witnesses. Put it to the test and publish the failure to the world." Allen's Key Notes, H. C. Allen, Variolinum, page 300.

Over the years the near eradication of smallpox has been considered a medical triumph and it is often offered as an example of the great benefit of compulsory universal vaccination. Multiple inoculations for smallpox were very commonly used to insure "protection" from the disease. In 1980 a study showed that children who were re-vaccinated for smallpox showed signs of mutagenic chromosomal aberration in their white blood cells. These can cause immunodeficiency, which makes the constitution more susceptible to other infections.

The most recent smallpox campaigns were carried out in central Africa, Brazil and northern Japan, the same areas where the AIDS epidemic broke out. As this information became statistically undeniable, Dr. Gallo, co-discoverer of the HIV virus stated, "The use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV". Do live vaccines have the ability to cause dormant viruses to become virulent? Do they make a person more susceptible to new more dangerous infections? If this is the opinion of a world authority then why are the medical authorities continuing to use them? Is it possible that Gallo is covering up for the prospect that HIV was contaminating the smallpox vaccine in the first place? Evidence shows that the answers to all three of these questions are increasingly in the affirmative.

Magda Aguila
Animal Nutrition and
Homeopathic Consultations


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