The use of a specific disease material for the prevention of disease has a very long history. The ancient Chinese used a preparation of dried small pox scabs that were preserved for one year and then administered as a snuff for the prevention of small pox. For the prevention of rabies Hippocrates stated, "There is under the tongue of the rabid dog a slime formed by its saliva, which taken in drink, guards against rabies". He wrote this over two thousand years before Hering made the nosode Lyssin (Hydrophobinum) from the saliva of a mad dog.

The English doctor, Edward Jenner, founded the modern tradition of vaccination. In 1796 Edward Jenner took cowpox-infected matter from the hand of Sarah Nemes and inoculated a boy named James Phipps. After this inoculation Jenner waited 48 days and then injected the boy with smallpox to see if the boy would develop the disease. When the boy did not become sick with small pox, Jenner then began to inoculate others with cowpox. The term vaccine is derived on the Latin word vacca, the cow, in reference to Jenner's original work. James Phipps, Jenner's first experimental patient, was re-vaccinated 20 times. He became weak and died of tuberculosis at the age of 20 years. THIS WAS HARDLY A LONG LIFE FREE FROM DISEASE!

Samuel Hahnemann was supportive of Jenner's vaccine and considered it to be one example of how the doctrine of similars prevents disease. His generation witnessed several destructive epidemics of small pox and he felt the vaccine contributed to the decline of the disease in Europe.

It seems to have been Boenninghausen (one of Hahnemann's closes disciples and one of our most valuable Homeopaths) who first realized that Jenner's vaccinations were dangerous to the vital force and could cause serious long term chronic diseases. The Baron felt that taking a vaccine was trading off today's health for the chance you might get sick tomorrow so he did not approve of such a method. Boenninghausen found that Thuja was very useful in the treatment of smallpox because during an epidemic everyone he treated lived. He also found that the characteristic pox scars of the disease were prevented in his cases. This led Boenninghausen to say:

"Whether the same results may be obtained in every epidemic of small-pox must be found out by later experience. If this should be the case, vaccine matter, which in careless hands is so dangerous, and which has doubtlessly caused an enormous infection with the scrofula-poison, might find a most valuable substitute." (Lesser Writings, Boenninghausen, Concerning the Curative Effects of Thuja in Small-pox, Lesser Writings, page 4)

Boenninghausen felt that the universal vaccination was the chief cause for the disquieting spreading of a new epidemic of scrofulous diseases. This vaccine scrofula was a manifestation of the sequels that the cowpox virus produced in the constitution of those that were inoculated. Boenninghausen felt the vaccine was a poison that produced psoric-like phenomena. J. Compton Burnett was the first to coin the term, vaccinosis. In his writings he spoke of it as a subdivision of sycosis. In actuality vaccinosis is neither psora nor sycosis, yet it can be similar to both. Vaccinosis is an iatrogenic disease caused by an inoculation or immunization.

Vaccinosis is a man-made fifth miasm that has a separate classification. Most of the old homoeopathic literature deals exclusively with the small pox vaccine, whereas today's homoeopaths must deal with multiple vaccinations of completely different natures. The seven most common immunizations are polio, diphtheria, tetanus (usually in DPT), measles, rubella, mumps and pertussis. They have also started to give hepatitis B vaccine to newborn babies in the hospital in the first 24 hours! Hepatitis B is contracted by intravenous drug injection and sexual intercourse. Have you seen any newborn babies shooting drugs and having sex? Such a thing is ridiculous! They are doing this premature inoculation as a technique to enforce universal vaccination. This is not healthy for the new born infant and it violates the most basic of HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

Magda Aguila
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