It is common knowledge and scientifically proven that improvements in nutrition, general hygiene, public sanitation and other signs of "civilization" were the cause for cholera, plague, dysentery, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough to FALL naturally.

People who favor vaccines will claim that vaccines are THE reason for the decline in acute diseases, but every epidemic for which a vaccine has been created show that statistically, the incidence of these diseases raise after vaccination. The statistics show that smallpox started to decline in England when people refused to be vaccinated against smallpox because so many people died from the vaccines.

In the case of polio the statistics show that in the USA and England the number of cases of polio dropped by around 50% BEFORE the vaccination programs began. Several European countries doubted the safety and effectiveness of the polio vaccinations, and refused to support universal vaccination... The interesting thing is that the polio epidemics stopped in these countries also!!! The number of cases of polio in the USA INCREASED rather than decreased following the mass inoculation campaigns and may have doubled in the country as a whole. The live oral polio vaccine has become the LEADING CAUSE of polio in the USA today according to The Federal Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Between the years of 1972 and 1982 around 87% of the polio cases recorded was caused by polio vaccine. During the 1950's and 1960's millions of persons were inoculated with polio vaccines that were made with Simian monkey organs. It is possible that some of these vaccines were contaminated with the SV-40 virus, which causes cancer. SV-40 is thought to be a powerful immuno suppressor as well as a trigger for HIV. This has led polio research scientists to confess that an undetermined number of monkey viruses may be contaminating polio vaccines. There have been no natural polio cases reported in the Americas so why vaccinate against it? The danger of getting sick from the immunization is much greater than that of catching the disease.

The DPT vaccine contains three different diseases combined in one shot. It is obvious that this is "convenient" and "cost effective"... but is it safe??? When an immune system is exposed to three different diseases at once, IT BREAKS DOWN, as it is trying to do what Mother Nature intended. In nature, three diseases NEVER take up the same energy/body. One disease will be active while the other two are latent. Yet with the DPT vaccine (as well as DHL and the new 7 in 1 vaccines) this is exactly what happens. Doesn't this sound a bit of an "over kill"? Studies have shown a correlation between the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) vaccination and incidents of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Diphtheria is a very rare illness, and before the introduction of the vaccine, the incident of this disease had declined by 90% due to changes in nutrition and hygiene. The vaccine was introduced in 1930's and was accompanied by an increase of diphtheria cases rather than a decrease. In Germany compulsory vaccination began in 1939 (under the Nazis) and the cases of diphtheria increased tremendously to 150,000. France, observing what happened in Germany, refused to inoculate its population. When the Nazis invaded France they forced the population to undergo vaccination and diphtheria cases increased to nearly 47,000. During the same time period, nearby Norway refused vaccinations and experienced only 50 cases. Health authorities have noted that 50% of those who suffered from diphtheria had already been vaccinated. Is this an effective immunization? In 1975 the Bureau of Biologics and the FDA concluded that diphtheria toxoid was "not as effective an immunizing agent as might be anticipated" and that "permanence of immunity induced by the toxoid is open to question". This admission of failure balanced with the potential for side effects posed by the vaccine makes one wonder why it is still required, what its use is and why people still think that vaccines have stopped the increase of acute diseases!!!!

As with the other acute diseases, pertussis had declined by 80% before the introduction of the vaccine. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing whooping cough is as low as 40 to 45% initially and declines to 95% after 12 years. One study from Kansas in 1986 showed that 90% of the patients suffering from whooping cough were vaccinated. A recent study reported in the New York Times has shown around the same percentage as the Kansas study. The pertussis vaccine has been shown to cause serious reactions in 1 out of every 200 persons vaccinated. If this number is multiplied by every person vaccinated since the introduction of the vaccine in the 1930's the number of people hurt is mind blowing. And I would like to ask, how many people DIED of whooping cough before the vaccine came to light? I am sure far less than the ones who have suffered from the disease and/or its side effects since the vaccine came to be.

Whooping cough has been making a comeback and cases are not uncommon in those who have been vaccinated. Not too long an article appeared relating the appearance of whooping cough in India SHORTLY AFTER millions were vaccinated.

Tetanus booster shots have been shown to cause the number of T-lymphocytes in the blood to temporarily drop. In a study during World War II, 33% of the cases of tetanus checked had received shots of the vaccine. Some doctors have expressed that the inoculation may not be as effective and safe as was originally hoped.

In the case of measles there was already a 95% decline in the death rates before the vaccine was introduced. The pre-vaccine death rate of the mid 1960's was exactly the same as the death rate in the mid 1970's after thev accine was introduced. World Health Organization released a report saying that those who were vaccinated had a 14 times HIGHER CHANCE OF ACQUIRING THE DISEASE that those who were not. In 985 a federal government report stated that 80% of 1,984 measles cases reported were vaccinated.

The STATISTICAL history of vaccines shows that vaccines have NEVER played a major roll in preventing disease and that mass vaccinations campaigns have more to do with finances than with health!

Magda Aguila
Animal Nutrition and
Homeopathic Consultations

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