Myths About Raw Feeding


Please be forewarned: the pictures on this page are graphic and disturbing. However, they serve to illustrate the cruelty we induce to our animals by feeding a processed diet.

These pictures are of an 8-year-old pug's mouth. The dog was fed kibbled food his whole life until his owners switched him to wet food after he could not chew kibble anymore. His teeth had never been cleaned before, either.

Once the tartar on the back left molar (picture below) was scraped away, a pus-filled abcess was revealed. You can actually see some very nasty-looking pus up around the gumline of the teeth on the picture above.

The pug ended up having five teeth extracted—all because of the processed diet he was fed! The foul tartar and bacteria in this pug's mouth are the same tartar and bacteria that build up and multiply in the mouths of our kibble-fed, four-legged friends. Veterinarians see this EVERY DAY; why don't they do something about it? Wait, they did! Now you can shell out hundreds of dollars to put your pet under general anesthesia to have its teeth cleaned once a year . In between cleanings you can brush your carnivore's teeth with special toothbrushes and toothpastes. You can spend your money on artificial bones, toys, rawhides, and 'breath fresheners' to help clean up the nasty tartar kibble puts on your pet's teeth. All of this could be avoided if the pet was fed a species appropriate raw diet in the first place! What a great injustice our pets must suffer! If it was not for processed foods, veterinary denistry would not even exist in the form it is today. If it was not for processed foods, there would not be such a huge market for breath fresheners, artificial bones, tartar-scrubbing chew toys—NONE of which, I might add, are as effective as Nature's toothbrush of RAW MEATY BONES. If it was not for processed foods, our pets would not have to deal with the cruelty of a foul, rotten mouth!!