Kibble-Fed Cat Teeth

This poor kitty was suffering from gingivitis and large accumulations of tartar. Bloodwork showed kidney impairment, so the anesthesia protocol was modified and the cat was maintained on IV fluids before, during, and after the dental procedures. Two teeth in the upper right arcade could not be saved and were extracted. In the closeup you can see the pus welling out around the tooth from the root abscesses.

The photo to the right was taken after the remaining teeth were scaled and polished.






  The teeth in the upper left arcade were better off and did not need extraction this time. Note how the tartar in the picture below has grown over the gums.      
      These teeth are clean now, but if this cat continues on a commercial diet, the periodontal disease will be back soon.  
  For comparison, here is a rawfed cat that has never needed a teeth cleaning: