Colby the "Chicken Killer"
Colby, like the other dogs, is fed a raw diet consisting mainly of whole chicken, rabbit, turkey, goat, and the like. When possible, they are fed prey animals in as natural a state as possible, with organs and skin intact. Here are Gunner, Amali, and Colby enjoying fresh whole chicken.    
Many people new to feeding raw fear that feeding such a diet will make their dogs bloodthirsty. This is not the case. Colby, for example, often eats whole chickens with the feet, head, and feathers on. He does not bother the live birds (he will steal their eggs, though--he is also fed whole raw eggs).    
Here is what happens when Colby's ball is tossed in the chicken pen:    
"Hey, girls, what is this?"
The hens are interested...
"Get your toy, Colby!"
"Intruder! Dog intruder! Attack, girls!"
"What's so great about this thing, anyway?"
"Mom, the mean birds won't let me get my toy!"
Colby understands that live chickens have pokey sharp things on the fronts of their heads that hurt when they peck him. In addition, he understands that these birds are not for him. His meals always come from the kitchen. home  
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